5 Great Options for a Treatment for TMJ Disorder from Bruxism

Bruxism Relief

5 Great Options for a Treatment for TMJ Disorder from Bruxism

If you are looking for a treatment for TMJ Disorder caused by bruxism or teeth grinding, look no further because we’ve put together 5 of the top options for you.  All of the mouth guards in this list are top-quality pieces that can help you reduce the mandibular pain you cause yourself by teeth grinding and can protect your teeth at the same time.

Just keep in mind though, that while these mouthpieces can in fact reduce TMD pains, they do not really eradicate your teeth grinding habit.  That often requires more work than simply buying a mouth piece that you can just pop into and out of your mouth as you please.

SmartGuard Elite (New and Improved Design)

This is the latest version of the SmartGuard mouthpiece, which updates the Original and Elite designs with several improvements.  It fits only over your front teeth and can be custom-fitted due to the moldable thermoplastic.  It also does not touch your back teeth, which reduces grinding more effectively than most of the full-mouth guards.


  • Comes with a lot of product literature on how to use it right
  • Really does help with teeth grinding (although there are some exceptions)
  • Quite comfortable for a mouth guard if you fit it right


  • Tricky to fit and mold

It’s nice that the manufacturer packs this $30 product with a ton of instructional material because fitting and molding it isn’t going to be easy for a lot of people.  The timing of each step can be tricky and you can burn your gums a little if you don’t swish with cold water right before the fitting.  Still, done right, this is a really nice mouth guard with a fairly effective design.  It won’t work for everyone, but it will for most.

Whiter Smile Labs Anti Snore Mouthpiece

This anti-snore mouthpiece is actually recommended for teeth grinders and TMD sufferers too.  It is made of moldable thermoplastic so you can get a custom fit and also comes with a dedicated storage case for the mouthpiece.


  • Cheap
  • Moldable despite the low price
  • Fairly easy to shape


  • Can feel a bit bulky to some

This is a cheap solution for those who can’t afford one of the custom-made mouthpieces but who still want something of a custom fit for under $18.  Equipped with a thermoplastic material that becomes malleable once heated up, this is basically a bargain basement version of the preceding item in this list, the SmartGuard.  It does feel a touch less comfy though, and not everyone will like its shape, but it’s still a decent option for the budget-minded TMD-suffering crowd.

Silent Angel Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding

This is designed by dentists and is BPA- and latex-free in its manufacture.  It comes in a moldable thermoplastic and is bundled with a small stick insert that can be used to ensure the breathing hole in the mouthpiece doesn’t collapse during the molding process.  A storage piece is included in the package.


  • Cheap
  • Moldable despite low price
  • Fairly durable


  • Instructions could be a little clearer about the stick insert for the breathing hole
  • A little bit bulky for those with strong gag reflexes

This is another of the budget options available at under $17 despite having moldable material.  It uses thermoplastic again of course, and is shaped and fitted in much the same way the other two products we’ve already gone over are.  Most of its instructional material is relatively straightforward, but there are some gaps—most notably what to do with the stick insert that’s really intended to keep the breathing hole open when you heat the plastic.  It’s fairly comfortable but if you have a powerful gag reflex you might need to cut away a bit of it.  On the whole though, it’s not a bad buy, especially considering how cheap it is.

Silent Sleep Teeth Mouth Guard

This mouth guard is made of Ethyl Vinyl Acetate, a moldable thermoplastic, and can thus be shaped to fit the user’s teeth.  It comes with a small storage case and is a full-mouth type.


  • Very cheap
  • Again, moldable despite its low price
  • Shorter than most other guards, so less likely to cause a gag reflex


  • Uncomfortable for some

Most people seem to have a love-hate relationship with this one.  Most testers loved it, but the odd one hated it, calling it bulky and tough on the teeth.  Your mileage may vary, of course, but this is on the whole a great mouthguard for the money.  In fact, it’s far and away the cheapest one in this list, costing less than $14.

It uses the same EVA material as all the others and seems to work quite well at reducing teeth clenching, which is really what matters.  It doesn’t seem to have the same efficacy rate when it comes to treating snoring, though, in case you’re after a night guard that can do that as well.

Armor Guard Pro-form Night Guard

This package comes in installments: first, the company sends you the fitting kit so that you can make your own indentations on a proper mold.  This is then shipped back to the company, which creates the custom night guard and ships it back to you.


  • Cheap for a pro-quality custom-made guard
  • Gives you options for hard and soft guards
  • Personalized customer service


  • Still a little pricy for people who would be fine with a regular DIY thermoplastic guard

This is rather a different product from the rest of the lineup because—even if you do take your own impressions yourself—the resultant product is still produced by a company based on your impressions as opposed to you creating the guard when you take the impressions.  It’s little surprise that it thus has the best quality of all the guards in this list, although it’s also the priciest at roughly $80.  Still, if you want great comfort while preventing TMD pain, that’s probably not something you’ll complain about.


The best buy here really is the Armor Guard.  It has the highest manufacturing quality, offers you options as to rigidity, and even comes with amazing customer service (a staffer actually calls you up for a consultation before they make your piece!).

If you really can’t justify its price though, then you can probably just settle for the SmartGuard.

As for the absolute bargain shoppers, the Silent Sleep is the best option.  Both of these cheaper products still have pretty good value overall, although you do need to be mindful of one being a front-teeth-only unit and the other being a full-mouth unit.

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