5 High-quality Dental Mouth Guard Reviews

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5 High-quality Dental Mouth Guard Reviews

Looking for dental mouth guard reviews?  Here we go over 5 of the best-made dental mouth guards being sold on the market at the moment.  All of these are custom-fit pieces—some of the boil-and-bite variety, others of the send-in-your-impression type—so all of them should feel comfortable in your mouth, giving you true relief from bruxism and TMD.

SmartGuard Elite (New and Improved Design)

This update of the original SmartGuard has an even more comfortable, front-teeth-only design that helps reduce grinding more effectively than the full-mouth versions.  It has moldable thermoplastic at the contact area so that you can shape it to your teeth via boil-and-bite.


  • Instructions for molding are pretty detailed
  • Front-teeth only design feels comfortable
  • Quality materials


  • Despite the instructions, it is still a little tricky to mold right

Molding it isn’t the easiest thing in the world—and despite what the instructions say, a big slotted spoon still works better than a fork when getting it out of the hot water—but if you do it right, this mouth guard really does work well.  It feels very comfortable, probably because of the unique front-teeth-only design, so it leaves your back teeth clenched on nothing (not even the mouth guard!).  Keep in mind that some people won’t like this.  In fact, there are very likely some who will hate it.  But for most people, this will feel nice and comfy.  It’s not a bad deal at all for under $30.

J&S Dental Lab Professional Mouth Guard

This custom-fit day guard is professionally crafted after you send in your impression to the company.  The impression kit is sent to you and you can specify the thinness or rigidity of the mouth guard material when sending in your order.  The company then sends back the finished mouth guard in the mail.


  • Superb custom-fitting
  • A lot of material options
  • Suitable for daytime wear


  • Using the impression kit right requires careful attention (or an assistant)

This is an amazing professional-quality mouth guard you can get done for only $130, which is less than half what most dentists would charge for something similar.  There are a ton of customizations possible with it, from the thickness of the guard to your preferred material, which gives it a level of personalization that boil-and-bites simply can’t match.

Is it worth the higher price it commands compared to them?  If comfort matters to you, then definitely.

Besides, there’s little worry of gagging with this one, especially since it’s small enough for daytime wear.  You can even speak with it in, although it may require a bit of practice at first.

DentaHD Night Trays for Adults

This package of 2 moldable, latex- and BPA-free trays is of dental-grade quality.  The trays are designed for night use and for those who snore or suffer from bruxism.


  • Tough bottom layer can resist even “more enthusiastic” teeth grinders
  • Comes with 2 trays
  • Good size (not too thick)


  • The trays might not be sized right for some people

This is a good mouth guard available for around $30 if you’re the type of teeth grinder who really cracks down when grinding.  You won’t be able to use the softer or silicon-type mouth guards if that’s the case, as they’ll very quickly deform or be chewed up into a ball with your bruxism.  This mouth guard though, comes in 2 parts.

The moldable part is set above a harder plastic base that you won’t be able to chew through, giving your teeth the protection they need when your bruxism hits.  These are good trays if that’s a genuine concern, especially considering how cheap they are (each tray comes out to just about $15), but keep in mind that some will not find them the right fit for their mouths.

Sweet Dreams Mouth Guard

This is made of a soft and moldable polyvinyl that is FDA-approved besides being odor- and taste-free.  It also comes with a travel case and fits over both the upper and lower teeth.


  • Cheap, costing roughly $14
  • Comes with a money-back guarantee
  • Reasonably easy to mold


  • Can take some getting used to because of the upper-and-lower-teeth contact design

This is a nice cheap mouthpiece if you don’t want to spend anything above $15 for your mouth guard but still want it to be custom-fit to your mouth.  It won’t be as comfy as the more expensive custom-made versions of course, but it’s still a nice compromise on a budget.  You’ll just likely have to give it a day or two before you really get used to its design, which fits over both the upper and lower teeth.  It has a bit of softness to it that a lot of people might appreciate, but it may also make it a little unsuitable for the really hard clenchers.

Tranquility Professional Bruxism Night Guard

This night guard combines boil-and-bite technology with micro-adjustment to deliver as close a custom fit as mass-produced night guards can deliver.  Part of it is composed of moldable thermoplastic and the rest is made from a tough plastic designed to be capable of adjusting into 10 positions through careful calibration.  The position can be locked as needed.


  • Precision adjustments
  • Easy to mold
  • Quite durable


  • Doesn’t fit smaller mouths (it’s meant for mouths between 2 and 4 inches)

This is an intriguing design for a mouth guard, merging as it does the classic boil-and-bite with precision-adjustment design.  Does it work?  Yes, and fairly well, although there are some drawbacks to it too.  The size does mean it won’t work if you have a small mouth and the one-piece, full-mouth design can also take some getting used to for some people (especially when sleeping).  Still, it costs only $30 and delivers a nice alternative to the classic boil-and-bites, so it’s worth a try.


The best buy here is the professionally-made night guard from J&S.  It may look expensive next to the other items we’ve lined up, but let’s face it: it’s still far and away the most comfortable, is the only one that lets you talk with it on, and also costs just a fraction of the price of a dentist-made one despite equaling its quality.

If you really want something much cheaper, you can try the SmartGuard or the Tranquility models, both of which offer intelligent alternatives for a lower cost.  If you can swing it at all though, the J&S is still better.


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